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This is me Paula Barlow,  I was raised as an orphan in Seattle, and through the grace of God, He gave me adoptive parents at 36 years of age in Denver Co.  I have survived many miracles of the love from God.  I walked after a stroke at 32 and was told I would never walk again; drug free addiction of 25 years and to survive a serious hit & run accident with brain injury. I had with a left hip replacement & 2 compound fracture in the calf; back & lower neck were fractured and in  a total of 7 breaks to walk after being on a walker for over a year.  I did another Cancer Walk after over a year on that walker and told that I would not write again.  These are some the many miracles that I have been blessed with, to be able to write inspirational poems about Real Life as I see life to be.  I have overcame these obstacles and more, with my determination and of God that   “I CAN, I CAN and I CAN”...

I moved to Denver at 19, prostituted for 6 years, became a flight attendant for 9 years, sold real estate for 10 years, a custodian for 4 years to buy my house qualifying for only $39,000.  Now my home is worth about $200,000 to become a CNA for  1 year until being in a hit and run car/scooter accident with me on the scooter and becoming disabled  to write a book about HOPE, Real Life, my life story of HOPE in poetry form.

I just hope that I can be of some help through my book called HOPE to people to let them know they are not alone because YOU CAN SURVIVE TOO.

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I wrote this book called HOPE.  It is a book of poetry about life as I see it.  It came about when I was recuperating from my long stay in the hospital.  It is about Real Life.  This picture is the cover, which portrays me and maybe you at some time in our lives.  I have felt Alone, Broke and Lookin for some kind of Miracle, just as you see here.

PLEASE read this book and maybe you won’t feel like you are alone.  We all have felt that way sometime in life.   I and we maybe not have been in that city or on that street, but still alone but without a sign.   HOPE is what we all must have just to survive.

I am getting a new lease on life at the age of 60.   They say that it is never to late  and I  am here now to pass on HOPE to you and anyone who  breaths.

The hard back  book can be used as a coffee table book in a home or in an office.

May God be with you in each step you take.


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